June, 2021 – Kongresshotel Potsdam

Retail AI Summit

20th Retail Artificial Intelligence Summit postponed to 2021 and the #wirfürdenhandel initiative launched

The 20th Retail AI Summit, which has established itself as the event for data-driven automation and artificial intelligence in the retail sector for many years, will not be held in June this year as planned, but in 2021. The organisers are responding to the ongoing developments in the corona crisis, which do not allow any reliable planning work at this time. GK Software and prudsys have launched a special service to provide direct support to retailers in their battle against the effects of the crisis known as #WeForRetail to compensate for the cancellation of the event this year.

The 20th Retail AI Summit had been planned to take place in Potsdam on 9-10 June 2020. However, as travel restrictions are expected to continue because of the spread of the new kind of coronavirus and participation by international visitors has always been an important element at this contact and communications event, the summit is being suspended this year. The alternative date will probably be in June 2021.

The CEO of prudsys AG, Jens Scholz on the #WeForRetail campaign:
“Many of our customers will be fully focusing on solving very specific problems in the current situation. We’re already in close contact with the managers of the companies in this regard and have therefore decided to offer specific support packages to stabilise and improve the mobile/e-commerce and store sales. They include recommendations for products in real time to achieve increases in turnover of 2%-5% in the e-commerce sector or dynamic pricing according to warehouse stocks and the level of demand for e-commerce and store items.”