personalization & pricing summit 2018

About 200 participants took part in the personalization & pricing summit 2018 in Berlin. In 2018 the topic of artificial intelligence for retail was omnipresent. 11teamsports,, IKEA as well as service partners of well-known German and European retailers presented interesting case studies and showed how they optimize their personalization and pricing processes by means of intelligent algorithms. The participants looked over their fellow retailers’ shoulders, which innovative approaches they have to topics like, for example, markdown pricing, price bundling or personalization with Alexa and which results or learnings they already generated. Some of the talks also looked into the future of retail and how retailers master the challenges of the future with new solutions like visual search or chatbots.

We also awarded the winners of the DATA MINING CUP 2018, the internationally renowned student competition in intelligent data analysis, at the personalization & pricing summit.

We would like to thank all clients, partners and students for being our guests at the #pps18.